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Hearing Aids

Choosing An Audiologist and Hearing Aids

Purchasing a hearing aid can be confusing at times. Especially a first time buyer may find the decision difficult. You have seen national hearing aid companies advertise boasting of high performance hearing aids or one that give you better hearing in restaurants, churches, and at ball games, etc. Some of these devices accomplish this by using traditional circuitry that compresses background noise and sounds instead of filtering them out.

Advanced technology provides digital devices with very small computer chips to monitor and electronically control the hearing environment.

Before you purchase a hearing aid, it is important to understand what is available. The Center for Audiology provides a wide variety of instruments from various suppliers. Finding the right one for your particular needs is important to us. Remember, hearing care involves more than hearing aids. It involves total hearing health care available from the Center for Audiology.

Consider the following before purchasing a hearing aid:

  • Does the hearing facility offer diagnostic hearing evaluations performed by an Audiologist?
  • Does the hearing facility offer hearing aids from multiple manufacturers?
  • Is the hearing aid trial period longer than 30 days?
  • Are the hearing aids the most current technology available?
  • Does the hearing facility offer Real Ear Measurements to ensure your hearing aids are fit properly?
  • Will your hearing care professional make the appropriate referral to your physician or specialist if necessary?
  • At the Center for Audiology, we can say YES to all of these questions.