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Hearing Aids

The 75 Day Trial Period?

Our goal at Center for Audiology is to give our patients a longer trial period to ensure satisfaction with the hearing aids. Have you stopped wearing your old hearing aids because they're uncomfortable, too loud or they just don't provide the hearing correction you need? Are you interested in trying hearing aids for the first time?

The 75 Day Trial Period is a time for new and experienced hearing aid wearers to experience the difference new technology makes.

The 75 Day Trial Period includes the following:

  • 75-Day Adjustment and Retraining Period
  • 75-Day Upgrade Protection Program
  • Complimentary In-Warranty Clean and Check Ups
  • Complimentary In-Warranty Reprogramming
  • Repair Warranty Program
  • Loss and Damage Insurance
  • Free Battery Program

For more information about the 75 Day Trial Period, or for more information on audiological services, call 931.645.3937.